Car Relocation - Kepler Track

From NZD $125.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Te Anau, Te Anau
  • Product code: CRKT01


Car relocation service for the Kepler Track.

Please enter your hike start date when booking.

Independence offers so much convenience. Your time is valuable and the best way to make the most of it when you’re on holiday is to travel at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our car relocation is a simple and efficient way for you to do just that.

Choosing car relocation means you can take your time on the track, there’s no meeting time or backtracking required. It’s safe, secure and we take care of the insurance arrangements with your rental car company. For groups, it’s also more cost-effective and efficient than the bus, plus you get the added bonus of a fresh pair of clothes (and snacks) waiting for you at the end of your walk!

How it works: 
  • Collect a key lockbox and fix it to your vehicle when you park, lock your vehicle, put the keys in the lockbox and make sure to lock the lockbox.
  • We relocate your vehicle while you walk (3 day or 2 day time period, if you require a faster relocation please contact us).
  • Your car will be available by 1pm, at the latest, on the last day of your hike.
  • Drive away when you finish and return the lockbox on the way.
For a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how our car relocation works, see our 5 Step Process